Our Process for DIY, DIY + Review Service

Process for Tax Return filing of Self e-Filing Package

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Select Yes for DIY Package in 'Tax Return Package page - Selection Wizard''Tax Return Package page - Selection Wizard' page. 

Step 2: Login. If you are a first time client,register yourself by entering a few details

Step 3:Enter Details - personal (PAN, address etc.), salary, other income, deductions, tax payment details..

Step 4: Download Tax Computation and review information entered by yourself together with tax calculation. 

Step 5: At this stage you also have the option to get your entered Form 16 details reviewed by a tax consultant. If you use the review option there will be a small additional charge for the same.

Step 6: Make Payment, pay Rs 249/- in case of DIY Package (without review service) using your debit or credit card or net banking. Charges for Review will be extra.

Step 7: In case you have selected Review, Upload your Form 16 details and submit for review on the website. Our tax consultant will review your entered Form 16 details and make changes (if any) required on your entered details. 

Step 8: Review your tax computation and finalise (finally approve) your details. This ensures no further changes can be made to your tax return.

Step 9: We will e-File your tax return on your behalf or you can download your xml and e-File yourself. 

Step 10: Once return is e-filed, for future reference, upload ITR-V acknowledgement on our website.

Step 11: ITRV Verification - You can e-verify using Aadhar OTP or Netbanking login. Else you will need to print your ITRV and sign and send it to Bengaluru Income Tax Office. 

Step 12: If you are happy we repeat the process next year :)

Our Process for CA Assisted Filing Packages

Tax Return Preparation Process for CA Assisted Packages

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Answer a few Yes / No Questions to identify your Tax Return Package

Step 2: Login. If you are a first time client,register yourself by entering a few details

Step 3: Make Payment, pay the online tax return efiling package fees applicable to you using your debit or credit card or net banking

Step 4: Enter Personal and Income Details: Enter your personal details,sources of income, deductions, investment details and upload relevant supporting documentation

Step 5: Submit and Confirm: You have the option to save and come back later to fill missing information.Or alternatively if all your entered details are final, use submit and confirm button

Step 6: Our Chartered Accountants review your details and prepare your return based on the information provided by you. In case any clarification or further information is required we send you an email with details of further information or documents if any needed

Step 7: Where further clarification is required you can provide the information or documents over email

Step 8: We send the tax return computation to you for your sign-off. We also inform you of your tax liability if any and the procedure for payment of the tax or advice you on tax refund if any becoming payable to you

Step 9: Clients will then sign-off tax return computation or provide comments on it.Clients will also provide details if any of tax paid further to advice in Step 8

Step 10: We then efile your return. ITR-V acknowledgement form is generated which is then sent to you over email together with instructions to sign and send it to IT department Bengaluru. You can also e-verify using Aadhaar OTP or Netbanking login or digital signature.

Step 11: If you are happy we repeat the process next year :)

*To have a demo of what to expect after payment use login id AAAAA1234A and password taxuser1 . This will give you a chance to satisfy yourself before you make payment. 

Check out how your 'My Account' Section looks after logging in by clicking either of the two slide shows below