Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
OnlineITReturn - General

Q. Is my information secure on the site?

Q. How long does it take for my tax return to be filed?

Q. What are your tax return packages?

Q. How do I get in touch with you?


Q. How do I pay for my tax return preparation?

Q. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

Q. I want to take a tour of the My Account section before making payment, how do I do it?

OnlineITreturn - Processes

Q. What is the process for Tax return filing?

Q. Is my tax computation done automatically by the website?

Q. I have submitted my details over the website and then realised I have some correction or additional information to provide. How do I do this?

Q. Is my return filing complete once you e-file it?

Q. What is an ITR-V?

Q. What is the time limit for posting ITR-V?

Q. What if I have digital Cetificate?

Q. What if I have some tax liability?

Documents Upload

Q. Are my documents safe?

Q. Why do I need to submit documents when I have already given the required information?

Q. What if I do not have all the documents with me at present?

Q. I have a hard copy of my Form 16, how to proceed?

General Income Tax Queries

Q. What is the Income tax exemption threshold applicable to me?

Q. What is the due date of filing IT Return ?

Q. Is e-filing of return compulsory for me?

Q. What happens if I file my return after the due date?

Q. What are the various IT Return Forms?

Q. What is an assessment year?

Q. What is a Financial Year or Previous Year?

Q. What is E-filing?

Q. Who is a resident Individual?