Beta Package

Whom is this applicable for?

Beta package is applicable for you if:

  • You are a resident individual assessee AND
  • You have income from capital gains AND/OR
  • You have income from other sources AND/OR
  • You have income from house property AND/OR
  • You have more than 1 Form 16 AND/OR
  • You are claiming relief or have brought forward losses (excluding business losses) or have income (not being income from business or profession) of any other individual to be clubbed with your income AND
  • You are not eligible for Alpha Package

How much will the Beta package tax return cost me?

Beta package is priced at Rs. 1,999/- (including taxes).

What will be the process like in Beta package?

Check out our process here

If I am eligible for Beta package, what details do I need to have before initiating the return filing process?

Keep the following document/ information handy with you:

  • Any one bank account details
  • Salary Information
    • Form 16
  • House Property
    • Rent receipts
    • Rent arrears details
    • Housing Loan details
  • Details of investments made including date, amount, scheme in which invested
  • Capital Gains
    • Purchase details of property (cost, improvements, repairs)
    • Sale details of asset (sale price, sale expenses, stamp duty valuation, fair market value details)
    • Investment details for exemption (amount, date, asset invested in)
    • Capital Gains Account Scheme Details
  • Income from Other Sources
    • Income
    • Expenses
  • Relief, Clubbing of Income
  • Details of income

I want to take a tour of the My Account section before making payment, how do I do it? 

Click on ony of the below url's to take a tour of the 'My Account' section 

*To have a demo of what to expect after payment, use login id AAAAA1234A and password taxuser1 . This will give you a chance to satisfy yourself before you make payment. 

I have gathered the information, what next?

Click here to initiate your return filing process.

I have more Questions

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