Alpha Package

Whom is this applicable for?

Alpha package is applicable for you if:

  • You are a resident individual AND
  • You have income from salary with 1 Form 16 OR you have only interest or dividend income and deductions (investments etc.) AND
  • In case of salary income you EITHER have no additional details to declare outside Form 16 OR have additional deductions (investments etc.) and/or interest or dividend income to declare outside Form 16

How much will the Alpha package tax return cost me?

Alpha package is priced at Rs. 1,749/- (including taxes).

What will be the process like in Alpha package?

Check out our process here

If I am eligible for Alpha package, what details do I need to have before initiating the return filing process?

Keep the following documents/ information handy with you:

  • Any one bank account details
  • Form 16
  • Details of investments made including date,amount, scheme in which invested
  • Details of interest/dividend income earned including tax deducted at source

I have gathered the information, what next?

Click here to initiate your return filing process.

I want to take a tour of the My Account section before making payment, how do I do it? 

Click on ony of the below url's to take a tour of the 'My Account' section 

*To have a demo of what to expect after payment use login id AAAAA1234A and password taxuser1 . This will give you a chance to satisfy yourself before you make payment. 

I have more Questions

Refer to our FAQ Section. If you still can't find an answer to your question, then use our contact forms to send us your query.