About Us

Indian Income Tax is complex. Even experts and tax consultants have a difficult time mastering the various nuances of the subject and keeping themselves abreast with the latest year after year. It is challenging for an ordinary person to understand/interpret the taxation laws and prepare their income tax returns themselves on an online platform. Income Tax Return filing still is an overwhelming exercise for an average person. This, we are saying based on our four year experience of dealing with numerous return filers.

We provide ITR filing services on an online platform through our Income Tax Return filing portal – www.onlineitreturn.com. We started in 2012 making this our fourth year in business as onlineITreturn.

We have also understood in these four years that the needs and confidence of different tax payers in preparing their income tax returns differ. Hence there is a need for different types of return filing service options. At the same time, it is also a clear that most people expect simplicity in process, accuracy of return preparation and affordability in price for tax return filing service.

As tax return e-Filing portal, we understand that accuracy is the most important criteria in a tax return filing service. A cheap or overly simplistic solution which will lead to an income tax notice, will not only be eventually expensive for the person, but can also be a very nightmarish experience.

With our experience of last 4 year on online platform, we have been able to identify in which scenarios people can e-File themselves with minimal chance of errors and in which scenarios it is not advisable to do the same. Accordingly, we have prepared our tax return services to match client abilities and needs.

Choose Tax Return eFiling package based on Income Tax Return Complexity

>> For those scenarios where people can prepare their returns for e-Filing themselves, we offer Do It Yourself (DIY) package. In this package, users enter their data on our portal, our software validates the information and computes tax. We e-File the return after final approval of the tax computation by user.

>> For those who are confident of ‘Doing it Themselves’ but would prefer a final checking by a tax consultant to be sure of things, we offer DIY + Review.

>> We also offer CA Assisted return filing packages for advanced, complicated returns.

Here is wishing you all happy efiling!

Please feel free to drop us an email with any comments/ suggestions you might have to make our services more valuable for you.